While this woman is from time to time seen dressed in casual garments, Annie is normally observed putting on the conventional Junior extreme uniform

While this woman is from time to time seen dressed in casual garments, Annie is normally observed putting on the conventional Junior extreme uniform

Annie was a short lady. This lady has blue-eyes and keeps the girl gothic hair tied right back, by and large, wear her bangs over the woman best eyes.


By and large, Annie normally helps to keep to herself. She actually is known to over-react sometimes over unimportant things, but is capable recognize this and apologize when needed. She additionally is afflicted with show anxiety (aka level fright) and it is typically extremely unwilling to do before big measure audience.

Despite the girl mainly quiet and reserved nature, Annie just isn’t scared of conflict. She will be able to effortlessly operate for herself whenever other individuals you will need to stop this lady, either from performing a task or trying to talk to a classmate.


Annie falls under the very first year lessons entering Attack Junior senior school and is also allocated as an element of course 3. During the welcome service, Annie overhears other college student Eren’s love of mozzarella cheese loaf; for this reason becoming the woman favored delicacies furthermore, Annie became also embarrassed to admit this after the guy stated it. She would start to create a grudge against Eren as a result.

In the future, course 3 takes part in a dodge baseball tournament and Annie can knock out four different members, winning the fit on her behalf course. [1] She overhears they’ll certainly be increasing against Class 4 (the course Eren is part of) and explains to handle all of them. Observing Eren is finished, Annie was told by Armin that Eren’s into the restroom and additionally be section of their unique match. [2] Annie swears the girl part will winnings and returns to their staff; right before the fit, she goes back more and is found Jean as verification that Eren could there be. Perhaps not getting they, Annie calls all of them out and is going to submit all of them whenever Eren eventually arrives. She actually leaves after proclaiming yet again that Eren’s course will eventually lose. Throughout the complement, Annie is nearly eliminated by Mikasa; she catches the cast golf ball and rapidly gets rid of Armin. [3] while the fit wind gusts all the way down, Annie are astonished whenever Eren manages to overcome their and win the complement for his teams. [4]

Annie after joins the college student council and quickly gets throughout the nerves of other student Hitch. Reading that Eren falls under the review dance club (aside from the wall structure Beautification pub), Annie gets up and declares that even though the council requires records and helps to keep records on bars all over university, the research pub was the exemption. She vows to really have the nightclub disbanded. [5] Hitch and Marlowe follow this lady (despite her informing them www.datingranking.net/pl/senior-sizzle-recenzja to not) and see Eren therefore the dance club people on a field visit to Wall Rose. Both side accept a-game of stone, paper, scissors to look for the fate of Survey Club. [6]

With every part getting one win apiece, Annie increases against Eren because the deciding vote. Whenever expected the reason why she dislikes your plenty, Annie won’t provide the good reason why. They become trapped in a tie for thirty minutes before Annie loses her grip and makes for hit by Eren; but Eren relents and asks the woman again why she detests him. Annie at long last acknowledges he pointed out the woman preferred dinners as 1st and this she would never carry admitting that to any or all. After reading Eren apologize, she then finds out that the whole thing got blown out of proportion by their and admits eliminate to Eren. The following day during meal, Annie rises to Eren, Armin and Mikasa and asks to stay together with them. Warming-up to Eren, she offers section of the woman lunch to your and they come to be family. [7]

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